Wellbeing & Mental Health Therapy Practice in Nagoya, Japan

Adjustment Guidance is a private psychology practice located in the heart of Nagoya Japan. We have been providing counseling and therapy services for individuals, couples, families, young adults, and children since 2007. Our mission is to help you have more good days than bad. Our team of dedicated professionals is led by Kisstopher Musick MS Psychology. Kisstopher along with the entire Adjustment Guidance team is dedicated to helping you and your family thrive while living and working in Japan. All appointments and inquiries are confidential. Confidentiality means that we will not disclose your name, that you are a client (or have contacted us), or any information about you.

Start living the life you deserve. Book your free consultation by phone 080-9170-8822 or by email moc.oohay|ecnadiugtnemtsujda#moc.oohay|ecnadiugtnemtsujda


Standard rates in Japanese Yen.

20 minutes 4,000 JPY

30 minutes 5,000 JPY

45 minutes 9,000 JPY

60 minutes 10,000 JPY

90 minutes 15,000 JPY


Cancellation policy:

Appointments should be cancelled no later than 10 pm (JPST) the day before.

Cancellations made after 10 pm (JST) the day before are billed at half the full rate.

Cancellations made after 8 am (JST) the same day are billed at the appointment rate.

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