Shopping after Relocation

Going grocery shopping and purchasing household items for the first time in Japan can be overwhelming, especially if you do not speak or read Japanese.

We provide a native English-speaking guide to help you find what you need. Most stores offer delivery for free or for a nominal fee, and we can help you arrange delivery and teach you the basic phrases needed to arrange delivery in the future. We can also teach you how to drop off your dry cleaning. This service generally includes a basic survival Japanese lesson.


90 minutes 20,000 JPY

2 hours 25,000 JPY

3 to 4 hours 30,000 JPY

Cancellation policy:

Cancellations made with less than 24 hour notice for non-emergencies are billed at the full rate.

We require payment on or before the day of your appointment.
We accept payment via bank transfer, by PayPal, or in cash.

All services are confidential.

There are English-language web-based delivery services, and a few can be found on the sidebar menu.

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