Out and About

One of the most difficult tasks after relocating can be getting out and about. Aichi Japan has many fun and universally familiar destinations as well as exotic locations filled with neon lights, futuristic marvels, and historical and traditional Japanese architecture.

Whatever your vision or desired excursion, we will help you help you find places of comfort in Japan and reclaim your independence.

Most destinations require the ability to speak some Japanese and a basic understanding of Japanese currency. This service includes a survival Japanese lesson and a lesson on how to make currency conversions that will help you become more confident and comfortable when budgeting future outings.


Half day 3 to 4 hours 30,000 JPY

Full day 6 to 8 hours 60,000 JPY

Cancellation policy:

Cancellations made with less than 24 hour notice for non-emergencies are billed at the full rate.

We require payment on or before the day of your appointment.
We accept payment via bank transfer, by PayPal, or in cash.

All services are confidential

For those who would prefer to explore Japan on their own please visit the daily living and entertainment sections.

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