Young Adults Between 12 And 19 Years Old

Our young adults program is a customized blend of compassion-focused therapy, talk therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy. All of our approaches are client first. This means that meeting your needs is always the priority. It is important to consider how much involvement from your guardians is best to support our work. I have found that it is important to consider this and work to together to find the best fit for you regarding guardian participation. It is paramount to me that your voice is heard. This means that I will always listen to you.

I am Kisstopher Musick, PhD the lead therapist for AG, and I have enjoyed over 20 years of successfully helping young adults overcome a wide variety of issues. Because I want to find the therapy course that works best for you, each therapy course begins with a free intake session to allow me the opportunity to get to know you and your specific needs. During the consultation, I will listen to your goals and work with you to determine the best course moving forward.

The things I consider when designing your custom therapy course are the best therapeutic approaches for you, the right frequency of appointments, level of guardian support, and your budget. You and I will work together to ensure that you are able achieve your specific goals. I am confident that you can overcome and conquer any issues you may be facing. I believe you can live a rich and happy life free of internal conflict and strife.

Whatever you may be facing, you don't have to do this alone.

Email moc.oohay|ecnadiugtnemtsujda#moc.oohay|ecnadiugtnemtsujda to book your free consultation and start living the life you deserve.

All appointments and inquiries are confidential. We are located in the heart of Nagoya.

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