Food Shopping and Delivery - in English

Adjustment Guidance does not endorse any of the companies listed below. These are intended for information purposes only. We do not judge people based on what they eat or do not eat. The choices listed here range from those for meat lovers to those for vegans or others with specific dietary needs.

The Flying Pig delivers throughout Japan, including Nagoya, and offers a wide range of food, household, and electronic items. A lot of the goods on offer are United States staples and brands.

The Foreign Buyers Club offers Halal, Kosher, vegan, fat free, and gluten free foods as well as a wide array of non-specialty food and goods. They deliver throughout Japan and in Nagoya.

The Meat Guy has a very wide selection of meat and will deliver throughout Nagoya and Aichi. The selection includes basic meat cuts as well as kangaroo, game, and exotic meat.

Yoyo Market offers grocery delivery throughout Japan and has an English website.

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