Depression Adjustment

Depression is not something you would choose to feel and depressed states are not something you can just snap out of. It would be wonderful if the power of positive thinking could relieve depression, but the painful truth is that it simply doesn't work that way. Depression is painful and lonely. Depression is more than being sad or feeling down.

I am Kisstopher Musick, PhD the lead therapist for Adjustment Guidance, and I can help you overcome depression. Whether your depression is caused by a specific life event or a chemical imbalance, you can achieve remission. The Adjustment Guidance client-centered therapeutic approach ensures a compassionate and nurturing atmosphere. This client-centered approach will ensure that you are supported even in the darkest of times. You deserve to feel relief from the pain and despair that is depression.

You can have more good days than bad. You don't have to do this alone. I'm ready to start helping you today via Skype or in person.

Call 080-9170-8822 or email moc.oohay|ecnadiugtnemtsujda#moc.oohay|ecnadiugtnemtsujda to book your free consultation and start living the life you deserve.

All appointments and inquiries are confidential. We are located in the heart of Nagoya.

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