Pushing through Bad Days

We have all bad days and how we deal with them can determine whether a bad day turns into a bad week. To be clear, a bad day is different from the start of a depressive episode, a panic attack, or an anxiety flare-up. It is important that we differentiate what a common bad day is from the heavier things we are coping with. A common bad day can be waking up angry or just in a funk. They are marked by usually coming out of nowhere and not having any specific cause. If life is basically good and there are no other causes, just a bad mood or a temporary situation, we can do things to help shift our mood into a positive space. As with all of my advice, it requires preparation and self-reflection. For example, I know that my bad days are usually triggered by my allergies. A high pollen count day will send me into physical agony because my sinuses swell and cause severe physical pain.

Because of my job, I’m not always able to take allergy medication and must use alternative methods to soothe my sinuses. With any physical ailment, there are numerous strategies to alleviate the physical symptoms. Physical discomfort is often at the root of bad days. Doing a personal inventory of your physical comfort and then taking steps to improve your physical comfort can often elevate your day. This requires knowing what types of physical discomfort you face most commonly and preparing strategies for when you have flare-ups. Having anti-inflammatory medication on hand can go a long way towards remedying most minor aches and pains. There are also stretches and a variety of movements designed to lessen pain that can be helpful, as can steaming, hot baths, or aromatherapy.

If the pain is mental, rather than physical, that can be a bit more difficult but the right toolkit can make all the difference. If you’re a regular reader of my blog, then you probably know my passion for using the five senses to soothe our mind. Knowing what your senses find soothing will help soothe your mind on bad days so that you can get through the day. Find scents, sounds, tastes, textures, and colors that you find soothing and then build them into your day. For me, I find that the morning is the best time for scent and taste. I like placing a eucalyptus shower balm in my morning shower and lavender ice in my morning tea. I like to dress in the texture and color that is pleasing to me and on my commute listen to music that elevates my mood. Throughout the day, I pick things from my long-term to-do list and work on them to give me the added boost of feeling accomplished. If you try this and it is not enough or your mood persists, you may be struggling with functional depression and it might be helpful to get additional support by talking to someone.

Posted on 27 Mar 2023 06:09

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