Happiness Blog September 30, 2019

As we move from September into October, we continue to focus on building a safe life. Last month, we focused on increasing our fidelity and loyalty, which helps to ensure that we have safe people in our lives. The next few months we are going to focus on creating safety within our self and in our environment. This month specifically, we are going to focus on healing old wounds, but before we do that, we need to create safe spaces. We need to create a safe external and internal environment. Creating safe spaces will allow us to do the work without judgment. A safe external space will help provide cues that let us know we are physically and emotionally safe. Creating a safe space usually starts at home.

Having home be a safe place is not something everyone has the luxury of, but even if this is the case for you we can still find places of physically safety. If home is not a place where you can be safe, ask yourself “why doesn’t it feel safe?” Can you find a place in the home that feels like it is yours and yours alone? Is there a place that feels like you own it and when you are in that space you are safe? If not at home, is there any place in the world that you feel physically safe? Many people don’t feel safe at home because they don’t like their home environment. Is there somewhere that the environment feels safe?

For some people a coffee shop, park, bookstore, or library is their safe place. Once you figure where your physical safe space is, then it is time to make your mental space safe. Once you are physically safe, you can focus on the fact that you are safe. Right here, right now, you are safe. Right here, right now, is a safe space to think about your history. Is there a time in your life when you were not safe or did not get your needs met? If there was, and even if that time is now, you can show yourself love and kindness and know that you are worthy of safety and protection. You are valuable. Take time to reflect on your worth and value.

Posted on 30 Sep 2019 02:53

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