Happiness Blog July 29, 2019

When we commit acts of kindness, we increase our own joy and the joy of others. This week, reflect on an act of giving that would increase your joy and bring joy into someone else’s life. It can be a random act of kindness, such as buying a stranger a cup of coffee or paying the toll for the car behind you on a toll road. It could be volunteering or sending a thoughtful message to a friend. Another way to spread joy is by having a week of kindness on your social media or taking a day to post only positive things. You can also send a DM to people whose content you enjoy. The goal is to give.

When we give, it has a positive impact on our brain and nervous system. Giving is so powerful that simply considering giving has a positive impact our brain and nervous system. Giving reduces stress and releases positive chemicals in the brain. Giving on a regular basis is also good for our heart health. The process of giving temporarily lowers blood pressure. When we give of ourselves, whether it be time, money, or attention, we benefit. Giving is good for the mind and body. It is important not to give too much and to practice self-care while giving. A giving plan can help with this.

A giving plan is a series of decisions about giving. Selecting what you will give and to whom before you start giving can ensure that you are giving in a way that is respectful of your own resources and that you are giving to increase positivity and joy in the world, rather than to gain favor or friends. Giving with the intention to increase joy is healthy and good for us. Giving to increase clout, to make and keep friends, or to please others is toxic giving. Toxic giving is harmful and reinforces the message that we are only as good as what we can provide for others. During this week of giving, know your worth, practice good self-care, and only give in healthy ways.

Posted on 29 Jul 2019 06:56

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