Happiness Blog July 1, 2019

A good way for us to increase joy is to find things that make us happy. Focusing on and reflecting on what makes us happy gives us the opportunity to invite joy back into our lives. Sometimes this process can be painful as we discover just how much of our joy we have let go and just how much we have neglected ourselves. It is ok to grieve the loss and the situation, but then we must shift our focus away from loss and onto how we are going to bring these things back into our lives. A good start is to pick something small.

I often speak about the importance of starting our day with a moment of self-love. This can be as small as starting the day off with your favorite beverage or taking an extra 10 minutes in the shower to exfoliate and moisturize. Another way to bring joy back into our lives is to use the morning commute as a time to jam to a happy playlist and shut out the world. Another way is to celebrate others. I often feel my most joyous when I am celebrating and uplifting someone in my life or in the world that I find inspiring.

This week, look for things or people you find inspiring. You can look at the things and people in your life, on social media, or to famous people. The goal is to find someone who is worthy of having you as a fan. Once you find your someone or something, celebrate them on social media or in real life, because celebrations increase joy. Let’s invite happiness, joy, and celebration into our lives.

Posted on 01 Jul 2019 04:06

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