Happiness Blog April 22, 2019

Hobbies positively impact self-esteem and reduce anxiety. Having a hobby gives us a positive way to spend time. Finding the right hobby leads to feelings of accomplishment, safety, and increased control. Hobbies create a sense of purpose and accomplishment, even when they are not overtly dripping with meaning. A good example of this is my hobby of jigsaw puzzles. When I sit down to build a puzzle, I have intention, purpose, and clarity. Having the time to do a puzzle reinforces the message that I am safe and my life is going well. A hobby communicates to your brain that it is okay to enjoy life.

A hobby comes from within you, creating a sense of purpose as you set your task. Hobbies instill pride as we plan, enact that plan, and complete whatever the project or activity is. Hobbies create victories and remind us to celebrate ourselves. When you find the right hobby, you will be able to be in a flow state away from the stresses of daily life. Engaging in a hobby builds a sense of independence and worth through achievement. Hobbies center our attention and energy, which teaches us how to intentionally center our attention and energy. There are no negative effects of healthy hobbies.

Finding a hobby that is healthy is about limiting expectations. It is important to have realistic expectation of hobby outcomes. If it is an activity you hope to monetize, then it is not a hobby. The hobby should be motivating. The best hobbies are things you want to do. The best hobbies are enjoyable. Think of things that captivate your attention or things that have in the past. Think about your time and when you would have time for a hobby, even if it is only 10 minutes a day, and then look for things you could do in the time allotted. Try new things to see what works best with your time, energy, and desired level of stimulus. The goal is to find something that helps you unplug from the world and gives you positive energy.

Posted on 22 Apr 2019 03:44

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