Traveling to New Horizons Guest Post by Rasta Musick

Many people go traveling when they are searching for themselves. While I haven’t traveled with that as the goal, I have learned a lot about myself. Traveling has a relaxing and soothing effect on me that helps me to be more in tune with who I am. Since taking a trip is all about enjoying the time I have wherever I am, I’m able to cut loose more so than I would be able to normally. The stress or pressure from a normal day isn’t there while on a trip, even if it’s only for a short while. Being in a new place and feeling open to new experiences enables me to interact more freely with the people around me. These interactions allow me to further explore myself as I get to know how I am when there’s fewer limiters.

In my life, I’ve visited many places, and every time I have come back feeling more confident, more self-aware, and better able to handle the stresses and responsibilities that happen every day. This is a result of learning about myself when I am asked questions or introduced to situations that I am not used to when I go somewhere new. Being exposed to these things when away from home enables me to have a certain kind of privacy while processing my thoughts. This makes it easier to accept who I am when I discover new aspects and decide where to go from this new point of view. These decisions I then bring back with me when I return from my travels, and I am able to move through the world more smoothly and more confident in myself because I have a stronger self-image.

In addition to having a stronger self-image, going to new places exposes me to new ways of thinking. The people that I meet often have very different goals and life histories, which introduces me to entirely different lifestyles than the one(s) I am used to seeing from the social groups I am involved with at home. Hearing the ideas of new people also gives me a new perspective on situations and interactions that I have experienced in the past (and makes me better able to adapt to new ones in the future). As part of my own pattern of self-growth and improvement, traveling is a very key component that provides a wide variety of benefits. Finding the time to break free from the standard routines of everyday life and let loose both improves our understanding of who we are but also helps to revitalize our spirits to be better capable of moving forward with confidence and vigor.

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Posted on 19 May 2016 05:50

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