Adjusting to the fact depression doesn’t need a reason

Not all individuals with chronic depression were victims of abuse. Some individuals with chronic depression just woke up depressed one day and have no idea why the world has become so bleak. Some people do not have triggers for their depressive episode.

Knowing that, for a great number of people, depression does not need a reason is a crucial part of recovery. For those who have suffered abuse, finding the core pain is more direct. For those who have no obvious trigger, it is a bit more complex. Regardless of the type of chronic depression you suffer, recovery is possible.

If you are battling chronic depression, then knowing that recovery is real can be instrumental in winning the battle and getting your life back. It’s never too late to start the recovery process. You can beat this. You can feel joy. You can have a life that’s worth living. Don’t ever give up.

Posted on 07 Jun 2015 04:46

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