Adjusting to the recovery process for chronic depression

The recovery process for chronic depression is a long one. It takes about 6 months to see improvements and 12 months to learn how to manage life with chronic depression. With a good mental health care provider, it can take about 3 months to build enough trust to start talking about core issues. It often takes another 3 months to prepare to work on core issues and another 3 months to come through the trial and error process of finding the right techniques and therapeutic approach for your personality and triggers.

Finding a mental health care provider who is open-minded and views each person as an individual is crucial to the recovery process. The mental health care provider must be ready to enter into a partnership and be a good listener if they are to be effective. It is the strength of this partnership that determines how robust the recovery process will be.

If you are battling chronic depression, then knowing that recovery is real can be instrumental in winning the battle and getting your life back. It’s never too late to start the recovery process. You can beat this. You can feel joy. You can have a life that’s worth living. Don’t ever give up.

Posted on 07 Jun 2015 04:45

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