Adjusting to the concept that recovery will not make you ordinary

Every mental health issue has its positive side. This is very important for those with a mental health diagnosis to know, but it is even more important for the general public to know. A web search of any diagnosis will proffer a plethora of negative information about how difficult the disorder is. What is missing is an explanation of the positives of the disorder and what life post-recovery will look like. If you have a diagnosis, recovery will not take away everything that makes you special, unique, and wonderful but, rather, reduce how painful everyday life is.

Recovery doesn’t mean you have to become this plain ordinary person with nothing special about you. A good recovery process will teach you how to harness the aspects of any particular disorder that make you extraordinary and wonderful. A good recovery process will teach you how to live in a way that does not hurt all of the time. A good recovery process will allow you to decide what aspects of the disorder you want relief from while keeping the parts that make you special. Recovery is about freedom from despair and about living a life that has value. A good recovery process is one guided by a mental health care professional who will listen to what you value and let you determine who you want to be after recovery. Recovery is process that should always begin with what you want to gain from the process.

Posted on 07 Jun 2015 04:44

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