Adjusting to life with depression and being medication resistant

Living a full and productive life is possible even with medication-resistant depression. It is difficult to manage depression without medication, but it is possible. If medication works, I strongly suggest taking it. This is not a post about the evils of big pharma or an anti medication rant. This post is intended to give hope to those who have not found medication to be helpful and are clinically depressed.

Chronic depression has a pattern and rhythm that is fairly stable and consistent. Intermittent depression or episodic depression does not. Having both kinds of depressions while being medication-resistant makes life extremely challenging. Knowing the depression type helps a great deal. Chronic depression can be tracked, and knowing the rhythmic nature of this type of depression can help by increasing awareness that a depressive cycle is coming. Knowing that a depressive cycle is coming means preparations can be made to weather the storm. An essential element of making it through a depressive episode is to have moments of escape and relief. Be aware of what makes the mind drift. Be aware of what is pleasing, and stock up. It is important to know that pleasure levels will be decreased while depressed. For example, things that during stable times elicit joy may not register during a depressive episode. That’s ok. The goal is not to feel joy but, rather, to have relief from the feelings of desolation and to dull the pain.

Depressive states often create the desire for stimuli that will reinforce the depression, such as bad news and sad movies. Current news should be strictly avoided and replaced by movements or activist groups that measure improvements. By joining activists who measure improvement, progress toward a better tomorrow is made evident without forgetting the realities of how difficult things are in the world. Belonging to a group that creates positive change in the world may not create a cheerful mood, but it will create evidence that one person can contribute to the greater good. An activist group that measures positive change allows its members to see that they can be forces of good in the world, and this is a powerful message for someone in a depressive state to receive. It may take a while for the message to cut through the depression, but working toward the greater good while waiting for that message to arrive allows the depressive state to create something positive.

This may seem like a lofty goal and difficult to achieve, but it is achievable. It is achievable if depressive states are prepared for. Viewing a depressive state as a natural disaster is a good mindset for going about preparation. Looking to past depressive states provides a wealth of information about duration, severity, and what demons lurk in the dark. Becoming well acquainted with personal demons is the best way to survive their attacks. Knowing the difference between a depressive state fueled by feelings of worthlessness and one fueled by rage makes all the difference in being properly prepared. While preparation will not prevent depressive states from happening, it will make them feel more survivable.

Posted on 07 Jun 2015 04:42

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