Adjusting to Life without Fury

A life without fury is not a life without anger or a life with perfect peace. It is a life with less pain. A furious life is filled with negativity and unfulfilled goals. Rarely, in life, is it possible to reach goals set in a fury-filled state of mind. Fury undermines the ability to move forward in a productive manner. To move from a state of fury to a state of calm takes an exhausting amount of energy and generally leaves in its wake wreck and ruination.

A life without fury is a measured one to be sure – but the measurements are most often of success. It is through measurement that balance is achieved. When there is a balance to life, all things become possible. Letting go of fury to achieve balance is simple to say but challenging to do. The first step is to realize how futile fury is. Fury is not to be confused with outrage. Outrage at injustice that leads to cries for justice is constructive, whereas fury about injustices rarely results in actions that provoke change.

By learning to downgrade fury to anger, it becomes manageable and goals become achievable. When in a state of fury, finding the root of the emotion often reveals loosely connected ties from past to present. By focusing on resolving the past and facing the present, a state of empowerment is created. Once past and present slings and arrows are separated, injuries can be properly healed. The healing of past pains greatly diminishes the need for howling fury in the present. Once the howling stops, reasoned thought, and life generally, becomes easier.

Posted on 07 Jun 2015 04:35

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