Adjusting to Life with Chronic Depression

Living with chronic depression just plain sucks. That’s a fact, but you can live. I have found that accepting that being depressed is not your fault and that there may not be any reason other than your body’s chemistry to explain it goes a long way toward getting to a place where you can be depressed and still have a life.

I also find that building a life that works even when you are depressed is equally important. If you are a lay-in-bed-and-stare-at-the-wall kind of depressed, then having a job that allows you to work from home is ideal. If you are a rage-at-the-world kind of depressed, then having a job that does not require you to interact with the public or co-workers on a daily basis can let you cope. For every kind of depression, there are viable employment options. They are not always easy to find, but they are out there.

Another thing to consider is using periods of higher energy to set up your life in a way that lets you live ­­– even while in your darkest depths. It will make crawling out of the dark a bit easier, and sometimes having things improve just even a tiny bit makes all the difference in the world.

Posted on 06 Jun 2015 10:38

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