Knowing Your True Self

Who we think we are is at the center of most of our conflicts because rarely do we think we are our true selves. We so often let the world, family, friends, and “should be” highjack our identity. Underneath all of the self-recrimination, social constructs, and task-oriented selves is our true self. The true authentic self is who we are in our best, most self-actualized moments. Those moments when we are able to shut out the noise and just be. Sadly, for most of us those moments can be few and far between. In a large part, it is because of the level of noise in our daily life. There are two paths we can take to our true selves, and one is to cut out the noise; the other is to have our inner voice be louder than the noise. Shutting out the noise requires time away from devices, family, friends, and work which is often hard to get. Interestingly, I find that most folks are able to find time to shut out the noise once their inner voice is the loudest thing they hear, so let’s start there. (read more…)

Understanding Why you Feel Broken

Many of us feel broken. Some of us have felt broken all of our lives. This can be because of trauma, physical and/or mental illness. Whatever may be the cause I promise you are not broken. You are also not alone. Acknowledging the feelings is the first step. (read more…)

Understanding Betrayal

There are many types of betrayal such as revealing secrets, cheating, and financial betrayal. Most people wonder what they did to deserve being betrayed, and my answer is always nothing. You did absolutely nothing wrong. No one deserves to be betrayed. All betrayals have the same pattern, and, sadly, they almost always blindside the betrayed. All betrayals begin with trust building. The betrayer does not always intend to betray. Sometimes, the betrayer has every intention of being worthy of the trust they are given. Most betrayers have every intention of keeping confidence and being trustworthy. There are some that are serial cheaters and liars. Even if the person who betrayed you had done it before, it is not your fault. Even serial betrayers believe themselves capable of being trustworthy. Understanding this should create the foundation to forgive yourself. (read more…)

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