Healing Broken Relationships

There are a few things that are generally at the core of any broken relationship, and not all relationships can be healed. If abuse is the central issue, then it may be best to have no contact and move on to healing yourself from the trauma that relationship caused. If betrayal is at the root of the break, then it depends on if forgiveness of that betrayal is realistic, and, if it is not, then sadly moving on is best. The other three main reasons relationships break down are poor communication, lack of accountability, and/or unrealistic expectations. The starting point for healing begins with an honest conversation and a willingness to have multiple conversations in which one person’s needs are centered and the other person expresses whether or not they can meet those needs. This is a negotiation of the new boundaries for the new relationship that needs to be healed because the old one is broken. (read more…)

Finding Your True Calling

Finding your true calling is about living your most authentic life and being purposeful in everything you do. This involves a variety of steps, and the first one is to own your truth. What are your central truths about yourself that you like? For example, at my core I believe that everyone deserves to have more good days than bad, including me. My calling to be a therapist comes from a place of selfishness. I wanted to share the things that I do in my everyday life to have more good days than bad because there was a time when I did not think that was possible for me. Your calling will be something you feel passionate about and may not be something you can monetize. I feel that one of the biggest drawbacks of social media is the belief that everything should be monetized, and sometimes the goal of monetization can ruin a calling by killing passion. (read more…)

Are you a Good Parent?

Parenting is often like shouting into an abyss. Beyond parent teacher meetings, there is hardly any information about what your child’s values are. There are very few moments when, as parents, we get to see if the lessons we are trying to impart are having any impact, and when our children become teens it become even harder to know. Sadly, the better you are at being a parent the less information you will have about your parenting. There are those parents who are also friends with their children and very close, but even those parents have doubts. To be a parent is to live in doubt, but there are some habits that research and the type of adults children grow up to be indicate that they had good parents. (read more…)

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