Second Family English: Babysitting and Household Help in English

Second Family English specialises in child-minding for local families. Second Family English always goes above and beyond to ensure your children are well cared for. When child-minding, we use positive reinforcement with educational activities to help foster your child's growing mind.

We understand that every child has their own personality, interests, learning, and communication style, and as such, we develop our child-minding services to suit your child's needs.

Currently, we offer child-minding services to children aged six months and above. Our child-minding services are in English, but Japanese is available upon request. Our child-minding services are dispatched to your home or public place of your choice.

Becca, the leading Sister at Second Family English, studied Education at Queensland University of Technology, Australia. Becca has experience helping children overcome separation anxiety, assisting children with special needs, and implementing educational activities for young minds.

In addition to child-minding, Second Family English offers numerous other services, including house-cleaning, meal preparation, shopping, and cultural assistance. We strive to provide the love, support, and care of a second family.


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